Amy (such_heights) wrote,

Wellymuck Day 17

Wake Up
PG, 400 words
Summary: A sleepy morning chez Moony and Padfoot
Notes: Ah dear, wellymuck appears to have gone down the drain since I went back to school. Stupid exams. I plan to continue this and encorporate various prompts, that way I won't feel so behind.

Sirius loved waking up. That was one of his thoughts he’d as yet declined to share with Remus, who would probably merely arch a brow and make some noise or other, but he loved it nonetheless, and now that spring had at last sprung, he revelled in it still more.

Waking up was sunlight creeping through too-thin blinds and strange pools of heat and cold, which required some highly enjoyable wriggling around to settle. Still better, if he timed it right, waking up was the only time of day he could watch Remus being completely oblivious to the world. First thing in the morning, and Remus was all mussed hair and tangled sheets and not on guard at all, which always made Sirius smile. For a while he’d been tempted to capture the moment on film, but he was afraid that would make Remus be self-conscious even in sleep.

Today, however, Sirius did not beat the alarm, and so when he came around he was halted mid-stretch by the sight of Remus perched on the end of the bed shaking out a shirt

‘Moony,’ he mumbled, ‘what are you doing up?’

‘Oh, you know,’ said Remus in that falsely chirpy early morning voice of his, ‘got things to do, employment queues to stand in, I’m a busy man!’

‘Mm,’ announced Sirius to his pillow.

‘I’m sorry?’ Remus paused in the act of changing.

Sirius flung himself onto his back. ‘Don’t go!’ he proclaimed, flinging his arms up.

‘Eh? I can’t just not go,’ replied Remus, sounding a little baffled.

‘Ah, but you can!’ shot Sirius. Gone was the lazy blissfulness of a moment ago – now he was fully awake, and fully in Ideas mode. ‘Remus, it’s not going to make a blind bit of difference if you go today or not, and you know it! This is not how we’re going to find you a job, so sod it!’

Sirius could almost watch Remus’ wheels and gears turn. He thought he could see the reason bubbling at his mouth, the protests and infinitely logical retorts. Then, there was a pause.

‘Alright,’ Remus said, rather unexpectedly. He let himself fall backwards onto the bed, winding Sirius quite spectacularly. ‘Did you have anything better in mind?’

‘Oh, no doubt I can think of something,’ Sirius answered. The sun splayed shadows across the ceiling as their limbs somehow entangled themselves together, and Sirius decided that today was going to be a very good day indeed.
Tags: character: sirius black, fic, fic: harry potter, fic: harry potter: wellymuck, pairing: remus/sirius
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