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Moar Recs!

Haven't done this in a bit, so massive thank yous to the following for holiday cards! fiona_fawkes, samincittagazze, ignipes, serpentpixie (your smiley faces are adorable!), mara_202, crazy_megan, and trowicia, phew! ♥ Receiving those has been wonderful - if there's any still in transit I'll probably pick them up early next month. :D

I've been pinch-hitting rather than reading recently, so I know I have lots to catch up on, at rs_small_gifts especially, where I know lots of you have posted the most exciting-looking things! Nonetheless, have a few recs:

by anonymous at fem_exchange
PG-13, Ginny/Luna
One year, four seasons-- Luna wears berries in her hair.

I've been terribly remiss at not mentioning this sooner - this was my gift at the exchange and it is gorgeous! I love it to pieces - it's beautifully written and with so much feeling and imagery packed into it. Luna and Ginny are both perfect here, and there's some great ideas running throughout. ♥!

Luna's hair is surprisingly beautiful, half of it twisted into a knot and the other half allowed to tumble loose, strands brushing her face and neck, and it's so graceless that it's perfect, makes Ginny swallow and drop her gaze back down to her books, flustered and not sure why. “How did you get them to stay like that?” she asks absently, and feels Luna shift beside her, shrug slim shoulders.


Five Times Sirius Got Caught Beneath the Mistletoe
by crooked
PG-13, Sirius/Remus, Sirius/various

I could say intelligent things about why this is awesome, but really, it's Christmassy and funny and sweet and highly enjoyable all round!

No, Sirius reasoned as he finally walked out from under the offensive mistletoe, it hadn’t been painful - just disgusting. As he marched back to Gryffindor Tower, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, Sirius vowed to never kiss another girl as long as he lived.

Or at least until he was thirteen.

Maybe twelve.


And now, some art!

Which one, sir?
by kasche at rs_small_gifts
G, Remus/Sirius
Prompt: something involving used bookstores or libraries (ie. Remus working in one, the boys visiting one, an AU in which they meet in one, etc.)

She's done it again! This is adorable, and Sirius' face is priceless.


The Final Sight of his Mortal Life
by trowicia
PG, Remus (Remus/Sirius implied)
Prompt: 11. The last thing Remus sees as he dies is stars (real ones out the window, depiction of them somewhere in Hogwarts, whichever).

*sniffs* Oh, gah. This is stunning, every detail of it perfect, the mood of the thing is so desperate and heart-breaking. One to look at for some time!


And that's it from me! I need to go and make casserole soon (mm, casserole...) so I'd like to wish all of you the very best of holidays! I'll be back with more recs and end-of-year ficcish round-ups and other such things in a few days. ♥
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