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Fun things!

Ok, so, really I should be finishing this essay but I figured a break was in order. Things that are exciting just at the moment:

First, eeee it is Voyage of the Damned time soon (it's a bit worrying, my thoughts around December 25th are mostly 'yay Doctor Who!' with just a bit of 'oh, and Christmas' thrown in). Have you all seen the advent calender the BBC are doing? Because that's fun.

What I'm most excited about just now, however, is new Torchwood! I miss my charming yet incompetent team. This has in particular been brought on by various fairly official-sounding spoilers that have started floating around. They are mostly of the episode premise/shipping/character titbits variety, and can be read here amongst other places.

I'm various amounts of gleeful about all of these:

* Since Jack disappeared at the end of Series 1, Gwen and her boyfriend Rhys are engaged. Rhys (Kai Owen) will finally get to find out about what Gwen’s been up to in her job.
* Gwen (Eve Myles) and Rhys have a wedding near the end of the series (I nearly said “get married”, but then I noticed that none of the cast or crew used those words). The wedding episode — which is a lighter episode between two very dark ones — involves vampires, and Ianto (Gareth David-Lloyd) saves the day.
* Ianto and Jack’s relationship is set to develop, with Jack asking Ianto out for a proper date. For those interested (or intrigued), Ianto still keeps his stopwatch handy.
* Tom Price, who plays PC Andy, is back in episode 1 — and will have a substantial role to play further down the line.
* Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) makes an appearance in three episodes after Jack calls her in as someone he trusts completely. Initially that causes tension between her and Gwen.

Yay for Rhys not being so sidelined any more, yay for PC Andy, yay for Ianto battling vampires (ahahaha what, that sounds mental), and I was also pleased to read that this is going both lighter and darker than the previous series, in places.

And, oh wait. Is that my ship, continuing to be a canon? I think it is! :D :D A date, of all things. *flails*

And finally, Sectus 2009! I'm so there. When I have money to register, that is, which hopefully won't be too far distant. Who else is thinking of going?
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