Amy (such_heights) wrote,

Wellymuck Day 12

PG, 750 words
Summary: Sirius takes baby Harry out to play.
Note: This was just demanding some baby!Harry, it really was. Too good a prompt to pass up.

April 12th, 1981

‘Don’t you dare give me the puppy dog eyes,’ growled James.

Sirius did not relent. He attempted a subtle, undetectable pout to subconsciously influence James. Hell, this was worth underhand wheedling tactics. James still looked dubious.

‘Prongs, I’m his godfather! Too late to back out of that one now, you are sort of obliged to trust me with him. Besides, look at him, he’s just dying to go outside!’

Sirius swiped Harry off the floor and turned him to face his dad. He took one tiny hand and waved it around simultaneously conducting a particularly poor attempt at ventriloquism.

‘Please, daddy, please let me go out with nice Mr. Padfoot, it’d be ever so fun!’ said baby Harry, apparently.

James raised an eyebrow in a way that was so blatantly stolen off Lily Sirius had to stifle a snigger, turning into a cough instead.

‘Ha! See, don’t want you spreading your nasty germs to my son!’

‘Don’t be silly – fresh air’ll do us all sorts of good!’

‘Know what? Fine, fine. However, you are going to have to tell Lily when she gets back.’

‘Deal,’ agreed Sirius, although he winced. ‘Prongs, are you sure you don’t want to come out with us?’

As soon as he said it, he almost wished he hadn’t. What was emanating from James now was unbearable.

‘Don’t, please. I can’t.’

‘Yeah,’ answered Sirius, trying to pack as much sympathy into these few syllables. ‘I know.’

James blinked, then smiled again. ‘Have fun! Harry, try not to wear Sirius out now, will you?’

With a clap on the shoulder, Sirius hefted Harry up and headed out, taking a moment to hope that Dumbledore knew what the hell he was doing.

‘Alright, young Harry, no war, no nagging parents, just you and your coolest godparent. Well, only godparent. Lucky you got a good one then, eh?’

For a fleeting, wonderful moment, he considered taking Harry on the bike. And then he realised Remus would be quite upset after Lily had castrated him, and the poor bloke was probably too over the hill now to get anyone else. No, best not. He held Harry in front of him for a moment, as if to acquire his opinion on the subject. Harry just dribbled.
‘Oh, that’s lovely, thank you for that,’ sighed Sirius, secretly quite impressed by his protégé’s immaculate timing. ‘Right, to the park we shall go!’

A moment later, and Sirius emerged from behind a tree. Perhaps not the safest, most Muggle-protected Apparation operation in existence. But it didn’t look as though anyone had spotted them, which was the main thing.

‘Ooh, look, there’s a stream! Let’s go explore, shall we? Won’t that be fun?’

Harry wriggled slightly, evidently a sign of enormous anticipation and excitement. Sirius bounded down the slope and plopped Harry onto a nifty knoll (and my, that alliterated nicely. Nifty knoll. A knoll that is nifty. Fantastic, he’ll have to tell Remus that later).

Then, his eyes threatened to make a break for freedom out of his skull.

‘Cor, Harry, would you look at that? Frogspawn! That’s brilliant! C’mere, time to get in touch with nature!’

Sirius plunged a hand into the glistening mass and pulled out several fine specimens of future amphibians. Harry, interest now engaged, reached out a hand for it. Sirius selected one and gave it to him. Harry’s face contorted, confused by this development.

‘Mm, nice and slimy, isn’t it? That’s going to grow up to be a frog! Clever that. Maybe your dad ought to have called you Prongspawn. Well, I may be forced to call you that, at least. Perhaps not while your mum’s in the room.’

At the moment, Harry decided to eat his new friend.

‘Oh, don’t do th— Ah. You did. Well, not to worry, I’m sure it’s stuffed full of protein! Taste good?’

Harry gurgled and crawled off.

‘Hey, come back here!’ Sirius lifted young master Potter up by the nape of his jumpsuit rather unceremoniously and brought him back.

Examining his godson for a moment, Sirius ruffled his hair into a stunning imitation of James and laughed. ‘Yes, you really are his spitting image, aren’t you? That’s somewhat alarming, actually. I’m sure we only need one Prongs in the world.’

Looking suddenly sleepy, Harry crawled forwards and fell onto Sirius’ lap.

‘You are too cute for your own good, do you know that? Ah, just wait ‘til we unleash you on the world… Cos you’re not James, you’re Harry Potter, and you know what? You’re going to be effing brilliant.’
Tags: character: harry potter, character: sirius black, fic, fic: harry potter, fic: harry potter: wellymuck
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