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Dear Equinox Vidder

Hello! I'm SO excited that you're going to make a vid in one of my very favourite fandoms, and you really can't go wrong. Doctor Who and Star Trek are all-time shows of my heart and I've been super into Mass Effect lately, so this is all very thrilling. Some details below but please prioritise what will be fun for you to vid over matching very specifically what I've suggested, they're just some ideas if you'd like them.


Doctor Who
Amy Pond, River Song, Amy/Rory/Eleven, Amy/Rory, Amy & River

As the above suggests, the Ponds era is my very favourite part of New Who, but I love it all! As is extensively documented all over my fanworks, tumblr etc. Please do vid what you love!

If you would like to vid something about the Ponds, I would love something upbeat that's either a character/relationship study or wacky space hijinx, and perhaps a bit less focused on the inevitable tragedy of it all.

I would be just as thrilled by a vid about any of the companions, maybe especially Martha or Clara. I'd also be really interested in something about the Time Lords and Gallifrey in the light of the 50th anniversary and series 9, or the Doctor & the Master's/Missy's changing relationship.

Mass Effect
femShep, Liara T'Soni, femShep/Liara, femShep/Liara/Garrus

I love this scrappy band of space weirdos! Having only played as femShep a very dudeShep-heavy vid would be a bit confusing but I don't mind if it's more ensemble-y. I love love love the femShep/Liara romance, and would love a shippy vid for them. I also definitely ship them both with Garrus, the lack of poly options in Mass Effect being the one true weakness of the games.

A team gen vid would also be wonderful, I love all the crew and their allies, particularly Tali, Anderson, Ashley, Thane, Joker, EDI, Wrex and Traynor. Heck, all of them. Something sweeping and epic about our heroes winning against the odds would be very cool, as would a comedy vid of shenanigans, or anything else you feel moved to do.

Star Trek DS9
Jadzia, Jadzia & Sisko, Bashir/Garak

I grew up on this show and have just rewatched it all, so my heart is very full! I've picked out some absolute faves above - Jadzia Dax is possibly my all time fave Star Trek character? Her multiple lifetime-spanning relationship with Sisko is wonderful, as is all of her relationships - I love her and Worf, her and Julian once he's got over himself a little, her and Kira are the best, etc.

I ship Bashir/Garak LOTS and would love a shippy vid for them. Angsty, silly, romantic, whatever you like.

There are so many other elements on the show that would make great vids - the different kinds of family, from the Siskos to the O'Briens to Quark, Rom and Nog. Or how DS9 becomes somewhere where outsiders come to be a part of something (Odo, Garak, Worf etc). Or any other theme that occurs to you, I'm sure I'll love it!

Star Trek IV: The One With The Whales The Voyage Home

This film is perfect, so any vid about it will be perfect too.

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