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Dear Festividder

Hi Festividder! Thank you so much for making me a vid, I'm going to love it so much.

If you find some detail helpful, here are some of my tastes:

Some kinds of vids that I like include: vids that explore the world of the source, swishy dancey action vids, emotional character-driven vids, vids about awesome women whether focused on one individual or a group of them, vids about people who love each other, vids exploring big thematic ideas and imagery, vids about comedy hijinx.

All of the sources I've requested are very dear to my heart in different ways, and seeing one of them come to life in your vid is going to be awesome, I'm so excited. Musically, I haven't met a genre you can't make an awesome vid out of.

Some other bits and pieces that I like - parallels, characters growing into their own awesomeness, hugs, montages, pretty fight sequences, pretty dance sequences, big emotions, sentimentality, meta analysis.

My original Festivids sign up. Fandoms: Avengers Academy, Hamilton, Matilda, The Pebble and the Penguin, Pokémon GO, Sorceror to the Crown.

Avengers Academy [Game]

Avengers Academy is a phone game that is a superhero high school AU. It's adorable and very funny. Here's a playlist of youtube walkthroughs. It throws together Marvel characters from all over the place and reimagines them as slightly highly strung teenagers.

I love all the characters, and my very favourites are Janet, Pepper, Natasha and Sam. I'd love anything you do with this, especially if it has fun with all of the wacky hijinx of the game.

Hamilton (Broadway Musical) [Audio, Performance]

I feel like we have so much more footage than last festivids - exciting! If you wanted to make a character study type vid, I would love love love something about Eliza, her journey, her relationships with her sisters and with Hamilton.

Matilda (1996) [Movie]

I'd love an overview vid, something about Matilda being the best ever, or something about her relationship with Miss Honey, which makes me feel all the feels.

The Pebble and the Penguin (1995) [Movie]

I loved this film as a kid. I haven't watched in 20 years so I have no idea how it stands up - probably not well! Nonetheless, a vid would delight me utterly.

Pokémon GO [Game]

I loved the card game when I was a kid, and 10 year old me would have lost her mind to know that 27 year old me could go out into the world and catch Pokemon! A vid about the phenomenon of this game would be awesome.

Sorcerer to the Crown - Zen Cho [Book]

Any way you can think of to bring this book to life would absolutely delight me.

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