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Looking forward to Doctor Who s8

There's a holiday love meme going around; I have a thread here.


My work is running a conference at the moment, so I am delegate-wrangling on a Saturday. This seems cruel and unusual.


Posting topics! [personal profile] laurashapiro asked about what I'm looking forward to in the next season of Doctor Who. If you actually know anything about s8, please don't tell me!

I am really looking forward to s8! I'm going to miss Eleventy so much I don't want to think about it, but I think Capaldi will be great and I'm looking forward to the continuation of Clara's story and the search for Gallifrey.

I love Clara a whole lot, and I know that people felt her arc in s7 made her hard to get to know (which I didn't find myself, but mileage varies). Now that's resolved, I think it's going to be great seeing what she does next. I love the detail of her becoming a teacher, it's perfect for her, and I hope we get to see more of Coal Hill Secondary School.

Companions always get a wonderful chance to enter the spotlight during a regeneration as they become the audience's fixed point while the Doctor changes. Clara's uniquely equipped to deal with it, of course, being very familiar with the Doctor's changing faces, so I'm looking forward to seeing her roll with it and her relationship with Capaldi's Doctor develop.

And then there's the quest for Gallifrey! Gosh I'm excited. I hope that it's epic and moving and exciting. And I also hope that once Gallifrey has been restored we get to see the old ridiculousness of the Time Lords return and the Doctor realising that, wait, he's glad they're alive again but he still doesn't want to stick around because dear god they're a bunch of pompous fools. :D

Prediction: when Gallifrey's come back, the Time Lords are all very grateful and try, once again, to make the Doctor President. He runs for his life.

I think it's got the makings of a great series, I'm really looking forward to it.

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