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Ficlet: A Serious Thing, nest_of_spiders Day 1

Drabble earlier at sirius_remus100, here.


A Serious Thing
G, 500 words
Marauders, James/Lily
Summary: April Fools Day in Seventh Year.
Notes: For nest_of_spiders Day 1.

James wakes up, and instantly tenses. No sleepy forgetfulness about the date today for him – after seven years, he knows much better than that. But the dormitory's not suspiciously silent, instead there are normal getting-ready noises and complaining noises coming from Sirius' corner. James ventures cautiously out of bed, peering out from the curtains. Remus waves sleepily at him then continues to hunt for his socks. With a jolt, James suddenly suspects that in fact he isn't in danger; there are no pranks planned.

He says nothing on the way down to breakfast, and eats his toast mostly in silence. Lily smiles from opposite him, but then frowns as noise erupts from down where the First Years are sitting. Rolling her eyes, she heads over to sort it out.

"Ah, look at them," Sirius remarks fondly. "Not a patch on us, of course, but bless them for trying."

James looks around the room, before double-taking when he notices Snape staring sullenly at them from his table. It's difficult to tell, but he certainly seems to have his wand clutched underneath the table. Nonplussed by this, James just gives Snape a winning smile, which only produces an even bigger glare.

Lily returns, laughing. She looks over at the Marauders, puzzled. "So, what's going on with you then? Surely you're not letting April Fool's slide?"

Sirius and Remus exchange a sad look.

"Well, ever since this muppet over here went and got himself Head Boy, he can't exactly get himself involved," Sirius explains.

"And just wouldn't be right with only three of us," Peter adds.

James is oddly touched. "You're not playing tricks today because I couldn't join in?"

"Pathetic really, isn't it," Remus shakes his head. "We'll make up for it somehow, I'm sure."

"Time to pass on to our successors, anyway." Sirius scans the Gryffindors around him. "I’m sure some of this lot will be wrecking the common room very shortly."

"This is making me feel incredibly old, you know." Lily pulls a face. "Very, very weird."

James laughs. "Do you really want me to revert to my old ways?"

"No, I suppose not," she answers lightly.

"Serious business, pranking," Sirius says. "And I think it's about time we retired from the profession."

Remus nods. "Progressing from the Hogwarts league, anyway. We've got a whole other division to move into now."

Lily covers her face with her hands. "Lord protect us all!"

James grins suddenly. "Yeah, it's time for the big league."

A small Ravenclaw scurries up to them. "Help! Help! My owl's grown another tail!"

James shares a glance with Lily, and begins to get hesitantly to his feet.

"Ha! April Foooooll!" the girl yells delightedly, before fear overcomes her and she runs back to her friends, who are watching with open mouths.

"See?" Sirius looks skyward. "We're way too old for this."

James tangles his fingers in with Lily's. "Seems so, doesn't it?"

Lily beams at him, and James decides that he doesn't really object to this realisation at all.
Tags: character: james potter, character: marauders, fic, fic: drabble, fic: harry potter, fic: harry potter: nest of spiders, pairing: james/lily
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