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dw on the cover

So it's that time again, where Doctor Who gets plastered all over everything and fans bemoan the Beeb's terrible photoshop skills.

The US's Entertainment Weekly have put out a couple of covers, which are far from the worst I've seen this go round but I'm posting mostly because I can't stop laughing at the first one.

magazine cover with the Doctor and a Cyberman striking poses

I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS. Was that photo taken while Matt was in mid-fall? Is he attempting to look cool? How do his limbs even work? And then there's his Cyber friend, who is ... at a disco?

To be fair, this ridiculousness is fairly par for the course.

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan in Christmas jumpers playing Twister with a Cyberman

At least this cover is a bit more respectable.

the Doctor and Clara standing back to back

THEIR FACES. I am not remotely over the height difference for starters. <3

Is it episode time yet?

... now?

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