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Avengers gen recs

So I am bookmarking Avengers stories I enjoy over on my shiny new pinboard account, but here is a set of gen(ish) fic that has delighted my soul. All stories contains spoilers for the film.

Six Meetings before Lunch by [personal profile] musesfool (Steve & Thor)

This is adorable and HILARIOUS - I love the characterisation of Thor here especially, how he does start fitting in more and learning more about Earth but is, ultimately, still himself in all his fluffy labrador glory.

in time by [profile] fleshflutter (Steve & Thor)

So this one is more on the edge of gen leading to something more, but it is *lovely* - Steve teaches Thor how to slow dance and I have Feelings.

Epilogue by [personal profile] sam_storyteller (whole team)

Picks up right where the film leaves off, has great character voices, and fixes some things.

R&R by [ profile] goseaward (Bruce & Tony)


Tex-Mex, Lies and Facebook by [personal profile] oxoniensis (whole team + extras, some Pepper/Tony & Jane/Thor)

eeeee this one has DARCY and is therefore fabulous - it's great on all counts really. :D

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