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Dear Festividder

I forgot I needed to make another one of these! Posting and running, I'm afraid.

Hi, festividder, you are fabulous and please, go and make your vid without paying heed to any of this if you so wish - this is merely an attempt to be helpful if you're stuck for ideas! I think I've got enough fandom-specific details in my sign-up, but here's a little more about things in vids I like. I recommend you get in touch with [info - personal] avendya if you have any questions.

I like vids that provoke an emotional reaction, whether one of squee or sadness or humour or anything between. I also adore vids that make me think - critically, or full of new ways of perceiving characters, etc. I love character parallels, archetypal shipper vids, non-typical shipper vids, character studies, joyous celebrations of a show/ship/character, subversion of stereotypes, rage-y protest at a character/theme/instance of fail, vids that focus on underrepresented characters, vids that feel like stories, vids that feel like essays.

Feel free to use outside source/fandoms whether I know them or not. I don't think there's a musical genre that I don't like for vids, so go with whatever fits. I adore cracky vids to cheesy songs, earnest shipper vids to love songs, angry meta vids set to political rap, etc etc.

Some things I don't like include vids in which the women and/or characters of colour from the source mysteriously disappear, vids that show women in an overtly skeevy-kind-of-male-gaze kind of way, vids that uncritically feature a lot of background het - het is absolutely fine in terms of specific relationships/character exploration etc, but I'd rather not see a montage of solely m/f kisses in the middle of an ensemble/teamy vid, if that makes sense?

The Shawshank Redemption

Music: Possibly something classical/instrumental? That scene from the film gives me shivers, I"d love something tied into that. That's really just a suggestion.

Details: I'd love something about the emotional intensity of the film - it makes me CRY omg, every damn time -so something on the serious side of the spectrum would be preferred.

Star Trek - Deep Space Nine

I would love just about anything - ensemble would be great, but character-specific I'd love to see a Garak or Dax-centric vid. I'd probably prefer something that wasn't *too* angsty, and I happen to ship both Garak/Bashir and Dax/Kira in case you felt moved in such a direction. I love DS9 for its complex characters, politics, mix of religions and moralities, and of course the sci-fi stuff.

Legends of the Hidden Temple

Music: something sufficiently cheesy & American & 90s?

Details: This was my childhood. It's both horribly cheesy and really full of fail on the cultural approbation front, but, I was five. Celebrate/critique/corrupt it as you see fit. (Also, I was a diehard Purple Parrots supporter. *g*)


I'd love an ensemble vid, or one centred on any of the five apart from Nate. Parker femslash, Eliot/Hardison, or Eliot/Hardison/Parker would also all be very welcome. Something upbeat or more in-depth/thoughtful both equally welcome, but I'd prefer an ultimately hopeful note. I'd also prefer little to no allusions to/shots of Nate's drinking problems, for personal/semi-triggering reasons. Thanks!

Much Ado About Nothing (1993)

Emma Thompson as Beatrice, being fabulous, would totally thrill me, but so would anything from this film, which I love very much.


Music: Me & You Vs. The World - Space, has struck me as a good one in the past.

Details: Gus! Gus'n'Shawn! Gus/Shawn! Um, that is what the focus of my attention is on this show and I am v. OTP-ish, though I would also be delighted with ensemble gen, because I am fond of Lassiter and adore Juliet.

RPF - Doctor Who

Music: Something dancey/upbeat, maybe? I've been earwormed by Fatboy Slim's Praise You for this general idea in the past.

Details: I really, really heart the people who work on Doctor Who, right from the sixties up until the present - the actors, the writers, the crew, they're all so dorky and passionate. I'd love something charting the history of that, although I fully accept that acquiring any kind of footage is probably a pain beyond measure. Therefore, something just to do with the making of New Who would also be awesome. I am platonically OT3-ish about David and John and Freema, but I love all the main cast. I'm in a permanent bad mood with RTD these days, however, so I'd prefer not to see too much of him. (Not like, 'omg one clip of his face and I will hate your vid !1!', but just, not something that focuses on how great he is, you know?)

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