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Dear Yuletider

Dear Yuletider,

Hi! You are awesome and I can't wait to read the story you come up with. What follows below is completely optional, but if you're like me you like having some info on your recipient. The short version is: write a story you'll enjoy telling, and have fun!

If the ship I've requested isn't your thing that's absolutely fine, I'll be just as happy with a gen focus in all cases. Some things that I like include banter, fluff, adventures, character studies, days in the life, romance, pining, hand-holding, hugs, first times of various sorts, humour, wacky AUs, space, robots, post-apocalyptic stories, verbal communication, non-verbal communication, seasonal themes, traditions, queer themes, identity themes, nontraditional family structures, kink, open/poly/OT3/4etc relationships, crossovers, backstory, missing scenes, post-canon settings and happy endings. Any of those appearing would be delightful.

Conversely, I don't like deceitful infidelity, dead women, dead queer people and embarrassment/humiliation.

If you'd like to find out more, the tags here should lead you to stories I've written and stories I've recced.

Fandom-specific details follow below. If you have any questions, direct them to [info - personal] avendya, who knows me much too well. Especially ask her if you'd like source for any of the three film sources I've requested, and I can hook you up via her.

Request 1: Imagine Me and You
Characters: Edie, Luce, Rachel

I'd love something post-film, especially something dealing with how Rachel's identity changes, if it does at all, and how she fits into Luce's life - what do Luce's friends, like Edie, make of it all? Anything at all that stays with the overall optimistic/positive tone of the canon will be much loved.

I'd love to a get a glimpse into the queer community that Luce and Edie seem to be a part of - I'd love more Edie in general, she's delightful. I love the way that this film gleefully goes for all the cliches you'd typically see in het romcoms, so if you wanted to continue in that vein I'd be thrilled, but something that goes a little deeper into questions of identity would also make me really happy.

I haven't posted that much about this fandom, but I did make a little vidlet a while back.

Request 2: Red Cliff
Characters: Liu Bei, Sun Shangxiang, Xiao Ciao, Zhuge Liang

Oh man, I love these crazy kids so much - so, like, *anything* would make me super happy! I'd love gen, or shippiness in just about any direction or combination. Adventures, a quiet evening in, the aftermath of the war, a missing scene from the canon, all would be wonderful!

I have big big love for the source, and would love to know more about the characters, especially the women. Unfortunately I've only seen the Western one-film release, but don't let that put you off including canon from the original Chinese two-parter or otherwise including things from the historical and fictionalised accounts of the Battle of Red Cliff and associated events, I'm really enjoying reading whatever I can get my hands on at the moment.

Request 3: I Heart Huckabees
Characters: Albert Markovski, Tommy Corn

Albert and Tommy and their wacky philosophical adventures! If you felt like writing makeouts I would be thrilled, but I'll be equally delighted with gen.

I love this film for its irreverence and mayhem, but also for the very endearing relationship Albert and Tommy build up. It's worth noting that I'm a philosophy student, so if you happen to feel like throwing in any specific theories or terminology, please feel free, but it's not at all required.

Request 4: RPF - The Dresden Dolls
Characters: Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaiman

Anything. Seriously. Gen! Hand-holding! Adrenaline-fuelled post-show makeouts! Real life OTP omg. (I'd prefer something non-explicit.)

I guess the source for this is mostly made up of Neil's twitter and blog and Amanda's twitter and blog. Basically, these are two of my favourite people and the fact they are in a relationship makes me go all heart-eyed, and I would like to read about it. I would also not be at all adverse to AUs here - the one where they're space pirates! The one where they get trapped in one of Neil's novels! The one where Amanda's secretly a robot!

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