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sunday night miscellany

+ Briefly on Merlin: I, yeah. 'Underwhelmed' springs to mind. That is not what I watch this show for! Which, you know, it's not all about me I know, but in the absence of Morgana and Gwen to distract me with pretty it does give me lots of time to reflect on how much the writers hang plots on everyone being stupid, which is annoying. Also, how I long for continuity about just about anything, but particularly Merlin's powers, over and above him being as magical as the plot requires. Sarah Parish is so fantastic, however, I do love her.

+ I have had a charming weekend. It consisted of going to see Eddie Izzard (OMG I LOVE HIM SO MUCH I CANNOT EVEN) and also the new RSC production of Twelfth Night, which was really wonderful. Hilarious, suitably gay, and really fresh and vibrant - particularly, the best Olivia I have ever seen. And, not that this is a new revelation to me, Olivia/Viola OTP! Everyone/everyone OTP, really. :D

+ I also had the opportunity to hang out with [info - personal] lorannah, and we roamed second-hand bookshops and sat in a cafe and chatted about fandom and writing and upcoming projects. ♥

+ Oh my, I was transcribing my audio viewer commentary for Marble House earlier (coming to a vid_commentary near you first thing tomorrow, honest!), and I realised something. For anyone frustrated by my run-on sentences in posts and stories - I know, I know, I'm working on it - IT'S SO MUCH WORSE WHEN I TALK. D: I can't punctuate myself! I speak in paragraph-long phrases! Also, the commentary is nearly three times as long as the original vid. ALSO, I have done some seriously dorky things with text and annotations and such. Well, it's the point of no return now, it'll go up when I get up in the morning no matter how embarrassed I am about it.

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