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rest in peace
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Via [twitter.com profile] cerebralcutlass, I am really sad to pass on the news that blue_fjords has passed away from cancer. She was 36.

Blue and I hadn't really spoken in a long time, unfortunately. We were friends from the heyday of Torchwood fandom, hung out in a lot of the same communities and message boards and had a lot of friends in common. I remember her as a constant source of positive energy, as she was always so full of enthusiasm for all of her friends and their projects. She was a prolific and talented writer, who moved into Supernatural, CW RPF and Teen Wolf fandoms after contributing a huge number of wonderful stories to the Torchwood fandom. I had a great time collaborating with her on an episode of the Torchwood virtual season 3 we were involved in.

She loved baking, and made all kinds of exciting vegan cupcakes to sell at farmer's markets. She was devoted to animals, working at an animal charity and doting on her pets. She'd always have adorable photos of her dogs to hand to bestow on anyone who was having a bad day.

She was a fun, kind, thoughtful person, and cancer is the fucking worst.

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