June 16th, 2015

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vidukon vid recs

Had a wonderful time as always at Vidukon this year - so lovely to see lots of familiar faces and welcome some new people! You can check out pretty much the whole con on our website, with links to each vidshow and most of the vids shown.

Some personal favourites from premiering vids this year!

Republic City by [personal profile] beccatoria (Legend of Korra)
Never Look Away by [personal profile] frayadjacent (Buffy)
Weapon of Choice by [personal profile] shinyjenni (Multifandom - women made into weapons)
The One You Won't Forget by [personal profile] starlady (Agent Carter)
Walking 2 Hawaii by [personal profile] isagel (Guardians of the Galaxy)
Workin' It by [personal profile] brokenmnemonic (Magic Mike)

Also the premieres by [personal profile] silly_cleo and [personal profile] purplefringe, which are not yet up but hopefully will be soon!

VIDS \o/

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