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i'd do it all for you, i would, i would
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+ skellerbvvt wrote the perfect accompaniment to last night's Merlin episode: Type/Safe (Merlin/Gwaine, background Merlin/Arthur, Merlin/Lancelot, NC-17)

Merlin didn’t like to think he was this predictable. He just happened to be very fond of muscular men who saved his life and were nice to him. It didn’t mean he was easy, it just meant that he had a type. Lots of people had types. It was perfectly reasonable to have a type.

I was very idly plotting out a similar fic of my own last night before I went to bed, then I woke up and someone else had already written it! I love it when that happens. Hot with a side of completely adorable.

+ I have this thing where I want there to be a vid to Handlebars in pretty much every fandom. Happily, other people agree with me sometimes!

Handlebars (Hail to the Chief) by [personal profile] chaila (The West Wing, Barlett)

My megalomaniac superhero > yours.

This is awesome - more so because the song has all this fannish resonance now, I think. It moves away from the realm of Time Lords and superheroes and looks more at the real world. Not to mention that [personal profile] chaila's editing is fantastic and makes the source look very visually dynamic, which I can imagine isn't easy.

+ There is an anonymous love meme going around over at [personal profile] meloukhia's place. People are dropping love all over the place, I spy a whole bunch of my rlist being fanned over there. And goodness, thank you very much to everyone who's saying terribly sweet things about me, you are the best.

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