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the next chapter's this way

argh, exporting is my least favourite part of vidding
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I return from an excellent weekend in San Francisco, in which [personal profile] avendya and I dorked around with [personal profile] noldo a lot and also met [personal profile] laurashapiro for some pre-VVC flail and also delicious noms. And suddenly, it is only a few days until Vividcon!

While I am faffing around with exporting my vid ready for post-premiering uploading, here's what I think my schedule will look like:

so many vids!Collapse )

Info for people attending so you can find/avoid me - I'm a 21 year old white woman with shoulder length dyed red hair, a British accent, and no doubt a permanent aura of newbieness and confusion. I am a fan of hugs, glitter and squee, so please feel free to share any of those things with me! If I can get technology to cooperate I will probably be tweeting as I go @such_heights. I will also be in Chicago for the rest of the week and up for some post-con flail and coffee and such.

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