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the next chapter's this way

the legend of korra!
default [trufflehog]
As seen everywhere already, a follow-up series to A:TLA has been announced! The Legend of Korra. eeee! And here is an interview with the creators. Here is a hi-res promo shot that is now my desktop background. So pretty!

I am also entirely charmed by this piece of fanart (Korra, Aang) :D


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Day 10 - A vid that makes you laugh

Another Sunday by jescaflowne (Stargate Atlantis)

Haha, oh, I love this so so much. :D Sparkly Ronon! John's ridiculous faces! Teyla is made of epic! Rodney's a dork! ALL WITH GLORIOUS EIGHTIES MUSIC AND CHEESY EFFECTS. My adoration is boundless like the ocean.

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