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[personal profile] eruthros and I made a thing! [community profile] white_lotus, for all your Avatar: The Last Airbender needs. Fanwork noticeboard, discussion forum, etc. I am also excited to announce that the comm will be hosting an inaugural flash challenge for fanworks set post-series, running between now and the end of the month.


Day 1 - A vid that made you start watching a brand new show
Day 2 - A male character study vid you love

Day 3 - A female character study vid you love

Cathedrals by chaila (BSG, Laura, D'Anna, Caprica)

This is a character study of three women who I heart, and it's beautiful and full of the promise that Battlestar had for such a long time. It's the sense of longing in the vid that gets to me the most - the desire for truth, for one's life to make sense. It doesn't hurt that it's set to one of my favourite songs. ♥!

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