July 14th, 2010

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who recs, vid meme

The outpouring of awesome from my flist continues. :D Spoilers abound in both fanworks.

Change of Time by [personal profile] greensilver is a Rory vid that is beautifully edited and full of emotion. It gives me many feelings! Oh, Rory! <3

Stories We Tell Our Children by calapine (Eleven, River, Amy, Rory, G)
Tell stories; be kind; remember. A response to The Big Bang.

My heart, guys, calapine wrote it out and put it on a screen. This encapsulates everything I loved about this season and the characters and themes, perfectly, and it gets right at the heart of what Doctor Who is all about when it's at its very best. Amazing.


Day 1 - A vid that made you start watching a brand new show

Day 2 - A male character study vid you love

Evening on the Ground by hollywoodgrrl. (SGA, John Sheppard) John gets a lot of fantastic vids, but this is one of my very favourites. When I first found it it was the first time I'd seen editing like it - not only is it a visual feast, but each effect chosen adds to the story told.

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