July 7th, 2010

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delayed gratification, oh noes!

Because I lead a life of excitement and glamour, I have travelled back to Uni City today so I can go to a hospital appointment bright and early tomorrow. I have also been to pick up my prescription of All The Drugs (seriously, whenever I pick up more than a month's worth of stuff these days it starts to get ridiculous).

However, I have made a rookie mistake in planning ways for me to amuse myself whilst on trains/waiting for the friend I'm staying with to finish work. I watched the first part of the Avatar four-part finale this morning and converted the other three to watch on my iPhone (woo technology). But! I totally forget that the files I have have two audio tracks, one in Spanish and one in English. Obviously, I now just have the Spanish version, and it is not a language that I speak! Woe, doom, suspense! I would not have watched the first bit if I knew the cliffhanger was going to taunt me until I get home.

Anyway, I am now at a stage where I want to draw sparkly hearts around all the characters more than ever. Ilu Team Avatar! There are group hugs everywhere and it is basically about kickass girls and the slightly faily and adorkable boys who love them, which is a dynamic I am always a sucker for. Like, TOPH, omg, I can't even deal with how amazing she is in all her scheming, brave, slightly damaged, bratty, tomboyish, hilarious ways. See also: Katara, Azula, Mai, Ty Lee, Suki, etc. I am delighted by Aang and Sokka and Iroh, and I will admit that I have finally warmed up to Zuko really a lot.

Eeeeeeee, basically!

And much as I want to watch the last few episodes, I am sad that then there will be no more. Who's got fic and vids recs for me? *winning smile*

In the meantime, at least I have a book to comfort me - after watching the TV movie of Going Postal and enjoying it immensely, I remembered that I bought Making Money and haven't read it yet! This must be rectified.

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