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The female character-bashing that seems to be brewing up in Who fandom right now is making me a really sad panda. Fandom, cut it out! Why do you always do this? You and I would get along so much better if you could just find it in yourselves to hate women a little less.

I find a lot of it baffling - sometimes, characters get shot down for characteristics that I think are awesome and other people think are worthy of total scorn. Other times, I am confused as to what show people are even watching. So, someone ranting about River Song and what a smug bitch she is is infuriating, but at least I understand where that comes from. (They say smug bitch, I say kickass, compulsive viewing, and hot like burning - tomayto, tomahto.)

But some of the criticisms being levied at Amy outright confuse me. In what way is she not a 'proper' companion? What do you mean, she has no good qualities whatsoever? What show are you watching? Did you miss the part where she loves travelling the universe, loves the Doctor, and is smart and brave and a brilliant improviser? Plus, she sees the whole of time and space with such childlike, starry-eyed wonder that it makes me a little verklempt. (Fun fact: the end of the Eleventh Hour makes me cry every bloody time I watch it. ♥)

It's one thing not to like a character - after all, if feminism is focused on the idea that hey, women are people too, then of course part of that is not liking all of them, that would be ridiculous. But a lot of the stuff going around fandom right now is Not Cool.

Some reading, from people who say things better!

eta: spoilers for 5x09 in all three, I think!

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One thing (amongst admittedly, Quite A Lot) that I'm loving about season five of New Who is the number and variety of older female characters. In nine episodes they've managed to drop the horrid stereotype of the Nagging Mother and Sexuality In Older Women Is Just For Laughs, and given us five very different characters who're female and over forty: three are people of colour, one (probably) died, one is a villain, two are flawed people trying to do better, one has her version of The Companion Story in two episodes, three clearly express their sexuality without being mocked for it and four are, for me, pretty damn awesome, and here is why:

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