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& you & me & time & space

the next chapter's this way

women-centric remix recs
default [trufflehog]
This is Tomorrow (the getaway driver remix)
Doctor Who, Donna, Christina, G
Donna works for an art thief with a name like a brand of tequila, but Christina has a flying bus and tolerates her occasional Mad Scientist moments, so it's not all bad.

I love the original story, and the remix is charming, funny, and very sweet.

Apple Princess (The Little Girls In Boxes Remix)
Firefly/Merlin, River, Morgana, G
River doesn't dream. She just sees too much.

Absolutely gorgeous - I love stories that get River's voice right, and there are some great lines about the many versions and lives of Morgana.

All Across the Sands (Bones of an Impressive Romance Mix)
Doctor Who, Rose/Martha, Teen
Time travelers are used to nonlinear love affairs.

A lovely, lovely complement to the original. There's definite timey-wimeyness here, but it doesn't try to be too clever, and it's effective in its simplicity.

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