May 23rd, 2010

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+ Whee, my remix has been posted and it's awesome! Backstage Management (The Machiavellian Remix), a remix of Access Denied. It's GREAT - it totally messes with the original, adds in new characters, and has a killer ending. Go read, Torchwood fans!

+ If you'd like to hazard a guess at which remix is mine, have at it! There will be a prize for any correct answers.

+ So excited to watch [community profile] kink_bingo gearing up for another round! Check out their accessibility policy (♥), these kinky vid recs and this year's changes. Also, icons.

+ I enjoyed Doctor Who, but all I really have to say about it is that I now want to draw lots of little hearts around Nasreen as well as Rory and Amy and Eleven. ♥

+ I am somewhat reluctant to watch Seeker because then there WON'T BE ANY MORE, but also I need to know what happens. I think I know what's winning out by the end of the night!

+ Also, there seems to be a meme going around where we ask people what our fanworks say about us, id-style? I always find it interesting to look at unconscious patterns in the things I make - I can always find them, certainly. However, I am curious - do any of you find my id showing in unexpected places?

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