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vid recs!
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The Pioneers by [personal profile] giandujakiss (Torchwood, team)

To plagarise myself from my torchwood_house rec: The editing in this vid is incredibly skillful, and the music choice is wonderful - an unnerving reworking of the Bloc Party original. It tackles a lot of the big themes present throughout Torchwood - life, death, playing God, the innocence of children - and weaves them all together, leaving the final, devastating footage from CoE looking like an inevitable consequence of all that has come before. We will not be the last, indeed.

Brand New Day by humansrsuperior (Doctor Who, Eleven, Amy)

This is like happiness bottled up. Squee! Flail! Love! Etc. *draws sparkly hearts*

Good In My Head by meddow (Deep Space Nine, Kira)

This is a classic-feeling and wonderfully executed character study of Kira - her convinction, her faith, the journey she goes on throughout the series. Just lovely.

And finally, denizens of the interwebs, I am pleased and proud to inform you that I have successfully coaxed [personal profile] avendya over to the dark side of the force, and here is her first vid. It is, unsurprisingly, brilliant.

Blood Makes Noise by [personal profile] avendya (Merlin, Morgana)

This is a great, compact insightful look at Morgana - the fuckery that is her life at Camelot, and about her learning to break free from it. The song choice is brilliant, as is the editing, but what I think I love most is how it uses various figures in Morgana's life whilst keeping the focus resolutely on her and her own agency. It's pretty great. Go give a new vidder some love!

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