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three weeks for dreamwidth
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So, in celebration of Dreamwidth's one year anniversary, [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw is a drive to encourage more content and activity on Dreamwidth. I'll still continue crossposting links and recs and episode reactions as normal, but anything more substantive will just appear on LJ as a link.

There's lots of cool things planned around the place, but I am short of ideas on what to do myself! Please, prompt away - I've got enough fanworks to be going on with, but I will happy write essays or make picspams. Character squee, fandom pimping, thoughts on current fannish discussions, or more general topics. I'm happy to talk about personal things (depending on the question, but go ahead and ask), and I'll even talk about philosophy if you like! (You probably won't like.)

Who knows how much time I'll actually have over the next few weeks - academic deadlines ahoy - but I'll do my best.

Have at it!

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