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+ I am signed up for my fourth year at RemixRedux! Sign-up info this way. I wonder if this will be the first year I don't get a friend to remix? Previously I have remixed [personal profile] glass_icarus, rian219 and [personal profile] netgirl_y2k, all of whom were awesome assignments. Surely my luck cannot hold so well?

+ [community profile] ladiesbigbang is a really, really cool thing. You can Big Bang via a number of formats including fic, art, podfic, recs, picspam and vids, and you can also contribute a combination of different media to count towards your overall total. Which is awesome. Lots of info over at the comm about how it all works, but signups run through April and the final draft deadline is September 1st. Also, you can participate even if you don't sign up, just as long as you hit that final deadline. I am spectacularly rubbish with deadlines on big projects, as any number of people can attest to, but I may attempt this one anyway because it is just that cool.

+ Rec: Could You Be A Little Less by the_birdnest (Harry Potter, various women, PG-13, non-graphic mention of sexual assault). A wry and quietly heartbreaking look at gender in HP.

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