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& you & me & time & space

the next chapter's this way

I dig hot pilot chicks
default [trufflehog]
+ Hi all! I return, I am working on my help_haiti stuff I swear (/o\), rec me things I missed, etc!

+ I have been watching a lot of Farscape recently! Thoughts to follow, I'm sure - whenever I get to a stage where I have more to say than a;sldkjas Aeryn Sun >>> universe, and holy crap Crichton's insanity is OFF THE CHARTS. Because that's pretty much where my mind's at now. Also, I hunger especially for vid recs, anyone got any? I have been watching sdwolfpup's Weapon of Choice and Lumionsity's Ecstatic Drum Trip, both of which are very awesome.

+ Speaking of, did you all see [personal profile] laurashapiro's new Farscape/BSG vid Hurricane? Because omg. How are Kara and Aeryn so awesome?

+ And finally, I see this is going around again and I'm a complete sucker for it: Johari me up.

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