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[personal profile] oxoniensis's Porn Battle is open for business! In light of recent discussions, do you know what I think that means? Everyone should go write me femslash. *g*

I draw your attention to the fact that not only are there a bunch of femslash prompts for individual fandoms, there is a lot of seriously great crossover potential there for the writing. Starbuck/Zoe! Martha/Uhura (okay, admittedly those prompts are mine, but you know that would be awesome)! Kara/Sam Carter! Teyla/Buffy! Kahlan/Xena! Anya/Parker, which is hilarious and wonderful! Go, fandom, and do my bidding. :D (I also say 'yes, please' to Kaylee/Jack and Martha/Hardison and Kirk/Sheppard and Serenity/Enterprise, omg win.)

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