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the next chapter's this way

nothing in the 'verse can stop me
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+ Thank you hugely to everyone who bid on my offers at help_haiti, especially to auction winners melandry, lindenharp and wendymr, who are donating an incredible and somewhat mind-boggling $445 between them. (I feel under no pressure whatsoever ... *g*)

+ halfamoon is starting up again on the first of February! Yaaay! It's a two-week multi-fandom celebration of female characters and it's awesome - it's the comm I made Glorious for last year. Sadly, I am already over-committed and will not be participating myself except in squee. ♥ female characters ftw! ♥

+ In celebration of the above, [personal profile] heather11483 was MEAN and asked her flist to name their top five female characters of all time. I inflict this punishment upon you all also! I flailed and ultimately went with five off the top of my head - I'm sorry, Kara and Teyla and Guinevere and Toshiko and Donna and Uhura and everyone else! :(


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