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the next chapter's this way

my squee has been harshed
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I have been very happy on the Internet this week! There has been a lot of amazing stuff everywhere. But then I made the mistake of going onto Facebook. I know, I know.

So, some backstory: lots of British unis, including the one I attend, have 'Overheard at...' pages, you know the drill. People overhear amusing things, write them down.

Going through the pages of comments is really quite something. I am depressed by but not surprised at the amount of misogyny, classism, racism, homophobia and general bigotry that pervades the 'humour'. I do hear those comments myself, after all. I tend to walk away rather than write them down for posterity, but there you go. I am dismayed by the amount of praising comments they've received, especially as some have proved controversial - namely, whether or not it's acceptable to describe someone as a geek. Way to go for the big problem there, guys.

But, I then went from not having the energy to be offended to being almost shocked. You think I'd know better by now, but it continues to really horrify me how readily people 'joke' about rape. Here, have some examples:

cut for triggering content and unfunny businessCollapse )

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