January 10th, 2010

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+ Thing the first, I had a very fun day in London today crashing a Supernatural meetup - fandom is my fandom, after all. It was lovely to see [personal profile] secondsilk, lazy_daze and fleshflutter again and also to meet a bunch of new people! Observations: wow, I really do still know a heck of a lot about SPN and its fandom just through fannish osmosis; I have a sudden craving to read a bunch of J2 AUs; no matter what the fandom, fan meet-ups tend to be made of A-grade win.

+ Thing the second, my festivid is done and submitted! *falls over* omg yay. They're due to go live on the 14th, I AM SO EXCITED eee!!!

+ Thing the third, I am up past my bedtime hanging out at the [community profile] camelot_fleet party, which is especially delightful this week. I am also taking prompts over there in order to have something fun to do in study breaks tomorrow.

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