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the next chapter's this way

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+ A preview of V Magazine's upcoming issue featuring a plus-sized fashion shoot: Curves Ahead (the name's cheesy but the shots are gorgeous). \o/ eta: [personal profile] true_statement says the comments are awful, so, avoid for emotional well-being's sake!

+ FWD/Forward: Backscatter X-ray scanners, security theatre, and marginalised bodies

+ [profile] norahcharles: on the accessibility of fandom fests for people with social anxieties

+ Related to the above, FWD's Ableist Word Profile series is consistently good reading. I hope to have a more thoughtful post on that topic at some point, but today is not that day. I am, however, going back to [personal profile] coffeeandink's post on the subject, and mulling over comments.

+ Complex.com interviews Zoe Saldana, feminist awesome ensues.

+ bluejeanius made an amazing banner for the #biggaybattle. (See AfterElton if lost.

+ I keep going back to these ridiculously great shots of Angel CoulbyCollapse )

+ Lastly, omg we has a snowCollapse )

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