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the next chapter's this way

33 things I loved this year
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Here is a reclist of the year, of sorts. Below are a selection of fanworks that made me laugh, cry, flail, think, ache, rejoice and love over the course of the year. Below are romances, character studies, sweeping epics, AUs, meta, dance numbers, transitions, friendships, monsters, politics, zombies, and of course, robots. (There are always robots.)

Some of them are very famous, some only have a handful of comments. I love them all, because they all define what the past year in fandom was for me. There are a dozen fandoms represented here, and hopefully there's something for everyone. It's also worth noting that this list is defined by what's not included almost as much as what is - there were so many things I couldn't fit in! A lot of the time, I just couldn't pick only one story by a favourite author to include. (In one case, a certain author's best story is still sitting on my hard drive waiting for me to finish my beta.) My point is, this is in no way definitive, or even really a 'best of'. Just, here are some stories and some vids that I liked. Enjoy!

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Thank you to all the authors, vidders, beta readers and cheerleaders that made the above possible, and here's to the stories to come in 2010. ♥

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I leave this with the detrius of the decade
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I'm not making any new year's resolutions this year, not now. Honestly, in January all I'm really aiming to do is pass my exams and survive until spring, it's not the best time to be worrying about my new exercise routine or whatever. (I would like to read some more books this year, though. After I graduate! Which is a strange notion.)

What I do like about New Year is the sense of a chapter closing, a moment of reflection and then moving on. This is what happened last year; what's next?

As for what happened last year - well, I was ill. Every time I look back over the last 12 months, it's a fact that colours everything. Here's the summer, where I was better, here's the autumn where it all fell apart again. This year was punctuated by bright periods of happiness, and I'm grateful for that, but they could only do so much the combat the weeks I spent pinned down by depression, like my own personal, inescapable gravity that showed no signs of letting go.

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You know, I was going to find a neater way to segue into this, but I'm running out the door and I've got nothing - have a happy new year, everyone. May 2010 bring you good fortune, peace, love in any of its many guises, and above all joy.

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