December 30th, 2009

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kaydeefalls made a brilliant vid about the ladies of Doctor Who, Book of Days. *_*

golden_d wrote a sequel to her Jack & Toshiko linguistics sotry, They Still Write Poetry in the Fifty-First Century, with They Still Tell Stories, Too, and it's spellbinding.

Some more Yuletide recs:

A Perfect Honeymoon (Some Like It Hot, Daphne/Osmond)

Lots of people seem to have read this already, but it's wonderful, and fantastically queer in a number of ways.

Though I Walk Through The Shadow (T:TSCC, John/Savannah)

Future!Savannah, naturally. And I absolutely certain she would grow up to be this kick-ass. This does some interesting things with the post-S2 timeline.

First and Last Rites (T:TSCC, Ellison, Sarah, Savannah)

This plays on some of the same themes as the above story, but from the other end. They make interesting companion pieces but this is a great story in its own right.

Eudaimonia (T:TSCC, Ellison, John Henry)

A conversation about virtue theory. This made my inner philosophy nerd very happy, and it's also a brilliant, unsettling scene that should have been on the show.


Also, I am - tumbling? tumblring? Whatever, I have a tumblr account, and I am mostly using it for lulz and pictures with a bit of social commentary segued in occasionally. synaxed@tumblr, if you're interesting.

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