December 22nd, 2009

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yuletide is distracting me from my family. oops!

+ Stories are submitted, cards are posted, presents are wrapped, I am prepared for Christmas! \o/

+ Which of course means I am giving myself a bunch of Yuletide plot bunnies, oops. A few notes on that - first off, writing Yuletide treats (which can be any length for any prompt) is open to anyone with an AO3 account. Get an account invite here. You can browse yuletide letters at the yuletide comm or in a very handy spreadsheet!

+ Also, a signal boost for Yuletide pinch-hitters via [personal profile] elynross:

Apparently Yahoogroups has changed some policy, and the wave of pinch hits sent out has DISABLED MY YAHOO ACCOUNT. I can't post to it to tell the pinch hitters why I'm not responding to claims. Of the 20+ groups I belong to or own, only 3 are displaying, presumably because the rest are on the email address that has been disabled. I... am not a happy camper.

At this point, I need to sleep, and there's very little I can do about this. If you want to claim a pinch hit, you'll need to *forward* or otherwise get the info to my personal email (, and I'll work with that, and try and respond when I get up in a few hours.

Please boost the signal on this, to try and reach other people on the pinch hit list. I'm not sure how the second half of the pinch hits are going to go out, but we'll figure something out.

+ So, Merlin. Collapse )

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