December 14th, 2009

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also, I still have Lady Gaga stuck in my head (damn you, Gaga!)

+ I have comments and posts to reply to - soon, soon! For, joyous day, my academic work is wrapped up for the semester and now I am just tying up loose ends so I can go home for Christmas. \o/

+ This is a good thing, as I am hopelessly behind on fic writing (as magnetic_pole, mindabbles, [personal profile] xtricks etc are well are of /o\). So much so, in fact, that I ended up dropping out of Yuletide just before the default-without-penalty deadline. I'M REALLY SAD ABOUT THIS. My request was completely awesome, but hopefully now my Yuletider has a better shot at getting a decent story that's had some time spent on it, and hopefully I will still be able to write her - and others - a Yuletide treat so I don't feel completely cut off from the festivities. But still. SAD.

+ I may have found my festivids song, though, which is exciting. I am awaiting the source and shall get cracking imminently!

+ But, basically, don't let me sign up for anything ever again. *sigh* This semester completely kicked my ass - hell, this year has. Hello, 2010, you're looking new and shiny!

+ Finally, I am in love with chaila's new West Wing vid, Rise, it's gorgeous and stirring, just like the show at its best. ♥

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