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i hear those voices at night sometimes
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+ Thing one, recs!

Graduate Vulcan for Fun and Profit by lazulisong (Star Trek Reboot, Kirk gen)

I suspect this has been linked all over the place, but it's just the most brilliant Reboot fic I've read in some time. It made me tear up, it made me think, it made me laugh like a drain. LOVE.

Vid insta-rec: Imma Be by talitha78 (Leverage, Hardison, Parker, Eliot)

This is bouncy and completely charming, and if talitha78 wants to keep vidding all of my OT3s, that would be fine.

+ Thing two, there is a send postcards to Katie and Angel project! I very much approve.

+ Thing three, there's this show that I love. It's about a young man who discovers he has a magic destiny, a woman with really good hair and magical powers-- and no, it's not Merlin. I have fallen into the sweet, sweet embrace of Legend of the Seeker, and I'm kind of startled by how much I love it. I'd write a pimping post, but ignipes made the most epic and hilarious post ever about why you should watch it (featuring chickens! magical red dildos! Richard's adorable face! Kahlan's badassery!)

What I would say is, you have to have a healthy appreciation of often-cheesy high fantasy (and I love that shit, so I'm golden). But once you get into it the plot arc is compelling - indeed, each episode has consequences for the plot and the characters, shocking! - the leads are all great, and there's a whole host of fabulous guest stars. A lot of women being kickass in very different ways, a reasonable amount of variation on villain-of-the-week, and there are even some characters who aren't white and don't die! I think it is especially soothing for me right now because it deftly avoids all the things that are irritating me with Merlin.


+ Thing four, I have Google Wave invites! If anyone wants one, drop a comment or an email (such.heights at gmail dot com) with your email address.

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