September 25th, 2009

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life's important questions

I am trying to decide what to watch this year! Decisions, decisions. I am also trying to pick my next show to play catch up on and watch over lunch etc.

In terms of weekly viewing, so far I only have Merlin. (Well, I keep sort of drifting back to Supernatural, mostly via everyone's reaction posts - wow do a lot of people watch that show - but really, truly, I think that we're done now. The show I used to tune in for back in Series 2 is well and truly gone, and I can't get into the new thing even if it weren't for all the fail.) I am excited about Flash Forward, I think, mostly because I am all over that cast list. John Cho! Alex Kingston! A bunch of other people I heart! Save Dollhouse and Glee, which I won't be watching, anything else on/coming up in the States I should be tuning into?

So, catch up viewing. I want to watch all of these at some point, but where to begin? Also, guides to episodes I should skip etc much appreciated! Like, I gave up on Bones because it seemed to be going in wtf directions - I was cranky at Angela! do not want! - does it pick up again? Similarly, Friday Night Lights I hear dips then comes back. Psych, I don't even know why I stopped watching, what is wrong with me, I must have been distracted by something. Help me, Obi-Wan Flist, etc etc.

(Also, I feel I should note that this mood/graphic match up is possibly the greatest thing ever. :D)

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