September 24th, 2009

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we didn't start the fire

+ Ugh, I am cranky today after running my uni's LGBT stall this morning. PRO TIP. If you don't know what 'LGBT' stands for and you lean in to peer at the GIANT RAINBOW BANNER to find out, things not to do when you work out the acronym include a) pulling a face, b) looking at us as though we're about to give you cooties, and c) pointing it out to your friends so you can all have a good laugh. Just -- don't do that. Oh, and also, please don't come and seek us out specially so you can give us all on a sermon on how you used to be gay only the Holy Spirit saved your immortal soul and made you straight. Really, don't.

*sigh* I resent people who make my job harder than it has to be!

Anyway - this is going somewhere, I promise - I am thus extra pleased to see that [info - community] queerlygen is open for business. There are already stories in Merlin, SGA, Leverage and more, and if you feel inspired you can see all the prompts gathered to date here.

+ I have SO MUCH WRITING I should be doing, oh dear. *leechblocks self* (Have I mentioned how Leechblock is my new favourite Firefox extension? Because it really is!)

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