September 15th, 2009

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things that have made me happy recently

+ New Muse! :D I am halfway through my first listen of The Resistance and enjoying the epic spacerock very much. Here is the first track for your delectation if you so desire - Uprising, which features the old school Doctor Who theme. ♥

+ Finding this gem of a Rose/Martha story, Sparks by crycraven on Teaspoon [adult]. It's gorgeous.

+ Katie&Angel. They did the most adorkable interview for DigitalSpy with you can download courtesy of gealach_ros here. There are also glee-inducing screencaps. [A little spoilery for S2 especially in regard to character arcs etc.]

One segment that is not spoilery but very delightful:

[Reporter talking about the generally perceived myth!canon future where Morgana is evil & Guinevere is queen]:

DigitalSpy: [Gwen] wouldn't tolerate evil, I don't think.
Angel: I don't think she'd tolerate Morgana, no, sadly.
Katie: Hey!
Angel: Put her in the dungeons ...
Katie: Never going to happen.
Angel: In a good way!

Dear fandom,

Please get on that.

Love, me.

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