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& you & me & time & space

the next chapter's this way

everything looks perfect from far away
default [trufflehog]
As seen in various places on my flist, with bonus .mp3s:

My username is such_heights. It's from The Postal Service song Such Great Heights, which I was listening to a lot when I made this journal at the beginning of 2006. I still like it now, because I really can be a dreamy idealist a lot of the time.

My journal name is Amy, because that is my name. I sometimes wonder if I should have come up with a cool pseudonym when I was starting all of this, but my username doesn't really lend itself terribly easily to it (though people call me 'SH' and 'heights' from time to time, which works).

My title is & you & me & time & space, with a subtitle of the next chapter's this way, both adapted from Doctor Who's 'Forest of the Dead'. I adore River's monologue at the end of the episode, and the idea of the Doctor seeing all of history and time as chapters in a story is nice and meta, and an appropriate title for a fanfic journal.

My friends page is & you - what can I say, I like ampersands. :D

My default userpic is this icon by trufflehog from the music video to Glósóli by Sigur Rós. You can watch here on youtube. I think it's really gorgeous. Also, fun fact, I didn't actually notice how well it fit my username until someone else mentioned it; the two were chosen separately. My brain doesn't make very good connections sometimes!

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