August 29th, 2009

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VVC recs, final part!

Okay, my hard drive is now overflowing with new vids - here's the last of the VVC vids that I especially enjoyed.

Art Bitch by hollywoodgrrl [BSG]

A innovative and seriously funky look at Kara.

Can Delight by jescaflowne [multi-fandom]

Shiny, sparkly feminist cheerleaders!

Beautiful Dirty Rich by astolat and merryish [American Idol]

I'm not interested in American Idol really at all. And yet, Adam Lambert is kind of awesome, and this vid will tell you why!

I Want Candy by laurashapiro [multi-fandom]

Hee! This may not turn my personal crank but it's delightful - lots of guys I like, being hot by being brainy or well-dressed or undressed or athletic or whatever, it's very fun.

Lead Balloon by sweetestdrain [Doctor Who]

It's a Mickey vid! *draws sparkly hearts*

Mothership by laurashapiro [Doctor Who]

This is brilliant. The song itself is very cool - entirely acapella! I love Laura's clip choices and the exuberant, celebratory rush from start to finish.

Swing by marycrawford [Star Trek: TOS]

Uhura! Montages! Great music choice! ♥

Red Cliff by obsessive24 [Red Cliff]

This is absolutely gorgeous, both with the source footage and the editing, and I love the musicality.

Say Hey (I Love You) by sdwolfpup [The Obamas]

Yes, you read the fandom right. SO CUTE OMG.

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