August 27th, 2009

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passing it along

If you have a little spare time or a little extra cash, here are a few folk who could use it.


Via numerous people on my flist: waywardradish does heroic work in educating others, finding survivors, and raising awareness of the child torture known as Attachment Therapy. The blog waywardradish hosts on has been suspended due to pressure from the supposed 'therapists' she's fighting against. There's more detail here.

You can email WordPress to protest their attempt to shut down someone who wants to get the word out there about the horrors that are happening to children by emailing

copperbadge has suggested wording - I strongly protest your continued interference with the Wordpress journal It is a vital and invaluable resource for holding therapy survivors. The documentation it presents includes firsthand experiences, eyewitness accounts, and news, medical, and legal documents available to the public.

In suspending and/or removing this journal you are doing both the community and your own public image a severe disservice.

Holding therapy is abusive and lethal and aimed at children, who have no voice. Please give abuse survivors back their voice.

A Search For Survivors is currently available here.


[info - personal] synecdochic is passing the hat for a friend in need. Whether you have any money to spare or not, the rapidity with which funds are being raised and everyone's comments and support are really heartening.


Lastly, it is virginia_bell's birthday today, and for the occasion she is raising funds for a cause very dear to her heart, a student-run NGO that teaches in rural China. There's more information here, and I know it would mean a lot to her.

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seriously, guinevere > all

I caught the Merlin S2 promo pictures when they surfaced earlier this week, and have been squeeing ever since. (I haven't really read any of the interviews etc, though, so no spoilers please!)

My thoughts can pretty much be summed up as OMG GWEN. ♥_♥

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You can see the rest of the cast's promo shots in spacefragments's post here.


Also, there's a hug meme going on. There's me. I even uploaded my Martha/Jack hugging icon for the occasion.

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