August 17th, 2009

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VVC recs, part three!

(part one, part two)

No Heaven by milly [Supernatural]

I really love the music choice here. There's some great editing, great movement, and the visual parallels make this really great viewing. John and Mary and Sam and Dean, round and round they go.

American Tune by trelkez [The West Wing]

Fair warning: tissues probably required. *sniffs* Oh, this show! This vid is made of love and heartbreak and hope and it is so, so gorgeous. ♥

Dancing Queen by trelkez [Merlin]

This, on the other hand, is hilarious! Also, adorable. How so cute, cast of Merlin? :D :D :D

I Want What I Want by dualbunny [Bionic Woman]

I know basically nothing about the show, but as the vidder herself says, "Amnesia!Nimueh and Cylon!Starbuck fight and look hot." My love for this vid is totally shallow, and I am okay with that!

Learn To Crawl by jarrow [BSG]

Starbuck/Kat! *glee* This is epic and brilliantly edited and fabulous. It's full of really classic slasher-vid cuts with eye sex and parallels and I enjoy it very much.

Land by sweetestdrain [Terminator 'verse]

Holy crap. This is amazing - it is long but totally worth it, I promise you. Terminator does such interesting things with timelines and fate and free will, and with all of the different films and the TV show it's just crying out for a vid like this - all the possibilities, all these people trying to fight the future.