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VVC recs, part two!
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(previous recs here)

I'm Not Dead by dualbunny [BSG]

The final part of dualbunny's Kara trilogy! I've been eagerly looking forward to this one for months and it did not disappoint. The vid is beautifully done and layered and kind of heartbreaking, but mostly it's Kara, in S4, being awesome. HI STARBUCK HI ILU. *sparkly hearts everywhere*

Hard Sun by bradcpu and [info - personal] laurashapiro [Firefly]

This is amazing. It's about the show, but more about its fandom, and it's really aching and wonderful.

The Long Spear by [info - personal] jmtorres and [info - personal] niqaeli [Star Trek]

WOW. This, like Hard Sun, is about the fandom as much as the show, and I love it so much. If you're a Trek fan, you have to see this. (It totally made me tear up, as well - a lot of these vids did, but this one I'll fess up to.)

Star Trek In 60 Seconds (Re-enacted by Llamas) by halcyon_shift and many others.

The intro to the Premiers show. TOTAL GENIUS. If the title doesn't make you click, then I don't even wanna know you. *g*

Bale Out Christian Bale Remix by kiki_miserychic [Dollhouse]

Dollhouse isn't my show or anything, but this is really interesting - the audio alone makes it worth watching, and the editing's spectacular.

Army Of Me by halcyon_shift [The Sarah Connor Chronicles]

Oh wow, this is a seriously great look at Sarah and Cameron and what they put into protecting John, and the toll it takes on the three of them and everyone around them.

We Are by bananainpyjamas [The Sarah Connor Chronicles]

This is my show, right here. The complex relationships between humans and machines, Ellison and Weaver and John Henry and Cameron and Sarah, and the overlays and musicality of this are spectacular.

Acid Intro by milly [multi-fandom]

This reminds me of sol_se's Filthy Mind in its free-association, clubhouse vibe, and that's entirely meant as a compliment to both vidders. This is a total adrenaline rush, primarily made out of sources I know, which always makes me happy, and it's so much fun to watch.