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the next chapter's this way

FIC: Enclosed [Torchwood, Jack/Gwen/Ianto, adult]
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Torchwood ; Jack/Gwen/Ianto ; adult ; no warnings ; 1500 words
For a long moment, everything is still, Jack and Gwen's hands entwined over Ianto's rapidly-beating heart, and Ianto doesn't know what happens now.

For the 'confined/caged' square on my [info - community] kink_bingo card. Thanks to [info - personal] xtricks for the beta!

They land awkwardly inside the container.Collapse )

this week's fail round up!
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Wtf is with people these past few days, I don't even know. D:


First, via sheafrotherdon, yet more reasons why I won't be watching Stargate: Universe when it airs!

epic amounts of disability fail, gender fail, queer fail, all in one episode!Collapse )


Next, karnythia talks about racefail from a panelist at WorldCon. Same shit, different day, etc. *facepalm*


Then sci-fi and fantasy writer (and husband of above panelist) John C. Wright starts shooting his mouth off about the evils of homosexuality (warning: that post and its first page or so of comments may make your head explode).

On the plus side on that one, I am thinking of getting 'homosex activist' on a t-shirt because it's kinda catchy.


Also, wtf with the anti-NHS lies coming out of the US at the moment? I am deeply baffled. calapine says it much better than me, but seriously. Our health service has its flaws, undoubtedly, but the principles it was founded on are what allow me to be here ranting today.


And lastly, heather drew my attention to this story where the Stamford Marriot blames a woman for being raped in their carpark. I don't have the words at the present time.


Wow. So. Anyone got some pictures of kittens or something?