August 1st, 2009

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dogdaysofsummer is back for this August, a prompt-a-day Remus/Sirius community. I have enormous affection for it and its sister communities, for they are where I cut my fandom teeth.


[info - personal] thingswithwings has been reccing podfic all week! (Is reccing recs too meta? I don't care.) There's lots of SGA, due South, and a smattering of other fandoms, and I have been discovering some real delights, making me an official podfic convert. In particular, I have been working my way through her list of five podfics that make me laugh and oh my GOD, hilarity. Totally inappropriate laughter in public places style hilarity, ahaha. Win!


siriaeve has been writing Bones/SGA, which I've decided is my new favourite crossover. Check out Abnormal Psychology, where Sweets has a psych session with John and it goes about as you'd expect, and a sam adams moment where John and Booth are buddies from way back and Angela is awesome.


Finally, cidercupcakes is hosting a female character deathmatch rather like that thing that went around a while back in which pretty much no women at all made it through to the final rounds, HOW STRANGE. The top 64 nominated women are there, and omg there are some tough choices! Uhura vs. Carter, CJ vs. Bones, Kaylee vs. Teyla, argh. If I could use power and influence then I would say go vote for Gwen Cooper, because I would be sad to see her bow out in the first round! I'm happy to report that Martha and Tosh are steaming ahead, and it looks like Donna's going to pull through too.