July 21st, 2009

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shiny happy fannish things!

My flist is a-buzz with Doctor Who squee, which is happy-making. It was initially a little weird to see my name all over fandom (for all that Amy's a common girl's name, you don't actually see it that much in fiction), but I am growing used to it and am very excited about the advent of Eleven and Amy Pond.

Also, Collapse )


New Leverage was lovely! Collapse )

I have been rewatching the first season and it takes away all my sadness and fills my heart with gladness. :D If anyone has been wondering whether or not they want a show in their lives that features hot, dorky thieves who do crime for great justice, I can assure you that you do.


I have been remixed!

Sailed on Shooting Stars (Three Weddings and a Funeral Remix) by anonymous
Harry Potter ; Remus/Sirius, Remus/Tonks ; PG-13
Ceremony or no, they didn’t get the Ministry’s seal of approval, couldn’t make medical decisions for each other, or inherit belongings, or adopt kids. It didn’t matter how they felt about each other. Same-sex couples weren’t entitled to that.

This is really very good, and very interesting as a remix - it's taken the dialogue from the original story and made the internal motivation of the characters and their interaction very different. It's sharp and aching and I like it a lot.


And finally, I have been talking to a couple of flisters, and would any London-ish HP fen like to go see HBP this Sunday? Drop me a comment if you're interested and we can get a meet-up together.