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the next chapter's this way

those were some good times!
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Oh wow, imochan is hosting this wonderful Remus/Sirius Love Post which is making me so happy and nostalgic, combined with it popping up all over my flist today. ♥ So many recs and so much squee!

I am thinking that I would like to write a little something for it tomorrow when I have a minute, but I do not know what to write. If you have any spare prompts lying around, please do send them my way. :)

So yes, that totally distracted me from doing the Star Trek Rewatch post when I got in this evening. Sorry, everyone, it'll be up tomorrow!

Star Trek Rewatch -- Mudd's Women
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The Enterprise rescues a con man named Harry Mudd who is trafficking in mail order brides. [Memory Alpha]

Episode recap and discussion this way